Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Black Coat/Athena Voltaire Special

The next step in the project—Jason Millet adds his brilliant colors to the piece!

And here are the covers with logos and trade dress in place! I'll post some solicitation information next week and will come clean with everything at that time!

This should be in the issue of Diamond Distributors' Previews catalog that comes out this Wednesday:

Find out what a Revolutionary-era Crusader and 1930's Aviatrix have in common, besides their status as two of Ape's most exciting heroes. An adventure spanning two centuries: from the Black Coat facing down a pirate attack to Athena Voltaire encountering the horrifying consequences of the treasure they sought. The two variant covers by Eisner-award nominee Steve Bryant combine to form a poster image.

Try 2 complete adventures from 2 of Ape's greatest heroes for only $2.


Scott James Art said...

Very Nice!!!!! Jason's colors are killer on this as well

Steve Bryant said...

Thanks, Scott!! And, yeah, Jason really knocked it out of the park on this one!