Sunday, March 1, 2009

IDW announces The Complete Rocketeer

...taking a break from my artwork today, for some great news...

It's no secret that Dave Stevens is one of my all-time favorite artists (in fact, I'll be talking about him more later this month). I was thrilled to hear the announcement yesterday that IDW will be publishing The Complete Rocketeer in October.

The entire book will be digitally recolored by Dave's hand-picked colorist, Laura Martin (whose spectacular work has graced such titles as The Authority and Planetary). The first piece of artwork from Stevens and Martin is shown at left.

My favorite part?

“Sure, the regular hard cover will be great, but the Deluxe Edition will be incredible,” Editor Scott Dunbier said. “Oversized, about 8 x 12 inches, and loaded with unpublished Dave Stevens Rocketeer art. There will be tons of drawings, sketches, cover roughs—100 pages of them! How’s that for the ultimate Rocketeer collection?”

Between this and their forthcoming reprints of Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby, IDW will be getting a whole lot of my money in the latter half of this year.


Don Wood said...

That is some of the best news from IDW in awhile.

The Dave Stevens book that came out recently was very nice too. It was a shame that the world lost such a great illustrator.

Shawn said...

Yeah, man, that is so exciting. I just wish October would hurry up and get here.

(Dave Stevens was one of my influences too!)