Monday, August 29, 2011

Commission: Lady Shiva versus Karate Kid

I haven't stopped doing commissions—I just had to clear some assignments out before finishing more of these. Look for more commissions, plus some other new work on this blog in the coming weeks!

Today's commission features the Legion of Superheroes' Karate Kid sparring with Lady Shiva. The description was " These are two of the best martial artists of all time so I think it would be a great fight. The only thing I ask is that neither character is shown as clearly winning."

This presented a really fun challenge: I didn't want either character to have their backs to us, and I wanted neither in the foreground, overshadowing the other. My compositional instincts led me to "stacking" the characters, with Shiva leaping/kicking, while Karate Kid punches/ducks. Both characters are untouched, but thwarted—evenly matched.

I added in the graphic of the yin/yang symbol to drive home the concept of balance.

The Buddy Commission Surgery Fun Drive continues! Information below:

$40 for an inked single-character piece on 8.5 x 11 (or 9 x 12...depending on what I have lying around). Additional figures, email me for a quote. Plan on $5 for Priority Mail shipping if you won't be picking up the piece at the show.

Order a 9x12 Commission NOW!

$80 for an inked single character piece on 11 x 17. Again, for additional figures, email me for a quote. And again, $5 for Priority Mail shipping if you won't be picking up the piece at the show.

Order a 11x17 Commission NOW!

(ink wash added at artist's discretion...let me know up front if it's something you really, really, really have your heart set on.)

I can bring the piece with me to Wizard World Chicago, if you plan on attending, or mail it to you.

More examples of my commissioned work can be found here.


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