Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Creator-Owned Day: Undead or Alive

Another creator-owned feature I've been working on is Undead or Alive: Paranormal Bounty Hunters. The first two installments have run in Hoax Hunters #6 and 7 from Image Comics, with the entire arc scheduled to run in eight parts. I believe that issue #8 of HH runs with no back-up, so our feature will resume in issue #9.

I'm writing Undead or Alive, with Jason Millet (who did a spectacular job coloring Athena Voltaire) providing stunning full-color art. UoA is a love letter to monster comics and we hope to spin it off into a full-blown series eventually.

Creator-Owned Day: The Black Cobra

Creator-Owned Day (#CreatorOwnedDay) is a celebration of comics that are owned by their creators, rather than large corporations. I have a number of creator-owned books I'm working on, and thought I'd share them throughout the day.

First up is The Black Cobra, a generational story (1940s and 1960s) of a masked vigilante passing the mantle along to his son. The cover image, above, is by me with colors by Chad Fidler. The interior pages are pencilled by Erik Roman, inked by Mark Stegbauer, and will be colored by Peter Kuebeck, with scripts by me.