Sunday, August 5, 2007

Some San Diego Pics

I split my time between the Ape Entertainment booth and a in the small press area with my pal Jim Heffron of Lawdog Studios. Molly McBride, whose work as editor on Athena Voltaire, was there, as well.

The top photo is me with hometown pal Tim Bradstreet outside the Hyatt.

Next is the Ape Entertainment booth. From left: Ray-Anthony Height (Cereal and Pajamas), Kevin Freeman (Ape editor-in-chief, Subculture), me and Rob Guillory (Teddy Scares)

Molly and me at the Lawdog booth.


Johnny Jackhammer said...

Hey, Steve . . . belated congratulations on your Eisner nomination! Looking forward to tne new AV series and your new project. (Let me know if you need rooms next time you're in Madison!)

Rob Guillory said...

Bad picture, but sadly not the worst picture of me ever....