Friday, February 22, 2008

Spike (the rest of the Angel samples)

Here's the rest of the samples I worked up a couple of years ago, in an effort to try and land some work on IDW's Angel books.

I'd love to take another pass at it, but I can't help to wonder if I blew my chances with all of the deadline drama that went on with my dad's death while I was working on 24: Cold Warriors.

The original art for the Angel and Spike sketches were "lost" in the mail, en route to Molly McBride. I still think those pictures are currently adorning the walls of some postal worker's den!'

I kid, I kid...

In today's installment of the Ursula Wilde Production Diary, we look at the pencils to the Ursula Wilde Free Comic Book Day story, coming in May from Ape Entertainment.

At the Athena Voltaire Blog, I'm posting more pages from the first issue of the cancelled mini-series The Legend of Mu-King.

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