Thursday, March 13, 2008

More from The Canterville Ghost

Here's another page from the Canterville Ghost adaptation I'm working on for Classical Comics.

It's been slow-going at first as I find the feel for the characters and the story —no amount of preliminary work ever seems to prepare me for the sense of "stage fright" as I start on a new project. This one is no different.

But it's starting to come together.

And every page I sit down to draw is met with an increased sense of giddiness.

I love it when that happens!

Over at both the Athena Voltaire Blog and the Ursula Wilde Production Diary, I'm still basking in the news that AV will return. Updates to happen tomorrow.


Flint Lockjaw said...

Your backgrounds are amazing. You must have the patience of Job to draw like that.

Mike Heffron said...

Love the design Steve. Glad AV is back on-track.