Monday, December 29, 2008

Some More Canterville Ghost—Now in Color!

Okay, first of all, I may not have hit my goal of updating every day (or even every weekday), but 2008 has shown significant improvement in the regularity of my blogging updates. It's certainly been more consistent than how I've handled email and phone calls. What can I say? My schedule regularly kicks my ass.

But everything will improve even more in 2009. Hopefully.

I'm very excited about the color piece in today's update. Jason Millet continues to kick ass on all of our collaborations, and this page is no exception.

I showed a step-by-step development of this Canterville Ghost page, from rough sketch to pencils to inks. Now, Jason's color page completes the process (the publisher will be handlingLink the letters, so you'll have to buy the book if you want to see that stage).


Scott James Art said...

Steve very nice!!! It came together nicely!

Tyler Chin-Tanner said...

That turned out great! The dry brush and the colors work perfectly together.

S.D.Hilton said...

Looks great. I just placed my orders today for Athena's latest adventure with Diamond.