Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Commission: Wonder Woman

Today's commission is that amazing amazon. Lots and lots of fun this time out!


John Aynge said...

I love it. I must get a piece done some time. Any characters you love to draw more than others, but don't get a lot of opportunity? I'm a bit of a DC guy myself, but I've also been thinking of a Dejah Thoris from John Carter.

Athena showed up in the stores last week, and then a few weeks before that. More great looking material!

Steve Bryant said...

Thanks, John!

For the record, "A Princess of Mars" is my all-time favorite book. :)

Shawn D. Hilton said...

Well then, pencil me in for any character you feel like drawing from that book for the Wizard Chicago convention.

I posted the question asking in the other category, but when I hit entered the message I forgot to include a name.

Percy Bysshe said...

Nice Wondy!

Johnny Jackhammer said...

Got the sketch in the mail . . . it's awesome! Thanks, Steve! It was commissioned for my wife, and she LOVES IT!