Thursday, February 4, 2010

Commission: Doctor Who

This piece was a joy to do. I inked it with a brand-new, fresh out of the tube, Winsor-Newton Series 7 #2 brush. I previously had been using a #1 (for years) and finally decided to move up to a bigger size. Talk about lush, flowing lines! Makes me wish I'd also sprung for a #3, but maybe next time. I have a lot of friends who have had hit-and-miss luck with W-N brushes (myself included), but this one was a winner from the word go.


yldiver said...

I likey. Great expression!

Mark said...

Nice job sir! I still got to ink something of yours one of these days ya know! New brushes can make such a difference. I moved from a #2 Kolinsky to a #3 a few years back, and the difference was huge. Nicer lines, and just better inking all around.