Tuesday, July 20, 2010

San Diego, Here I Come

It's not supposed to be this hectic. I planned and prepped for this show like never before. "No way," I said to myself, "will I return home to a house that's a mess and a studio with stacks and piles of artwork, display materials and miscellaneous debris littered everywhere.

Unforeseen circumstances.

The washer died (laundry at mom's...what am I, a college student?). Books were delayed. Time collapsed in on itself.

Okay, so the house isn't 100% clean. Upstairs looks great, but the studio looks like a war zone.

On the bright side, The Art of Athena Voltaire hardcovers are being shipped to my hotel and I'm not hauling my suitcase filled with 60+ pounds of artwork,* so I'm traveling light.

The copies of the ashcan of Cipher arrived today (see picture). Plus, I have a few other pitches I'll be schlepping around the show to publishers and anyone interested in ancillary rights. And samples, lots of sample packs for potential illo gigs.

For more info on Cipher and The Art of AV, look here. Other stuff I'll have for sale: both Athena Voltaire trade paperbacks, all the single issues of Athena Voltaire to date, copies of the issue of Domino Lady I drew for Monstone, and all 3 of my previously published sketchbooks.

Additionally, I plan on doing inked grayscale figures for con sketches ($40). Depending on how they turn out and how long they take me, I may revert back to just doing the $25 toned pencil headshots. Wink Come early!

And I'll be on a panel, Kickstart Your Comic because we've already established what a whore I am. Also on the panel will be Kody Chamberlain, Pat Loika, and Steve Earnhart. Details here.

If you're coming to the show, stop by and see me. I'll be at Small Press, table M-14 (Atomic Tiki Studio) next to my pals Jim and Mike Heffron of Lawdog Comics.

* No more amusement from the random guy who seems to be on every flight, offering to take my suitcase from the overhead compartment, and herniating himself. "It's really heavy," I warn...

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