Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Commission: Rocketeer to the Rescue

I've said it a hundred of times, and I'll say it a hundred more times…I never get tired of drawing the Rocketeer.

Here's the description for today's commission:

"Here's what I was thinking, a scene where Rocketeer comes crashing in through a window (skylight? etc) while Betty is tied up or chained to a wall (like girls in pulp books tended to be), maybe in torn clothing, however you want to have fun with it."

This one presented a challenge in that it's tough to fit in both figures, and the setting, AND create a sense of dynamicism. My solution was to put the point of view on one of the characters. Obviously, having the hero big is best, but the compositions I was came up with him in the foreground were shots over Cliff's shoulder or behind him, which makes for a great shot of the jetpack—but not a good shot of the Rocketeer.

Putting Betty in the foreground gave us a dynamic composition, and a front view of the Rocketeer—even if he was smaller. I tried to punch him up by adding some dynamic blacks and having all of the breaking glass radiating around him. Hopefully, this creates a focus on him, even if he's not the large figure.

I usually stay away from any implication of sex/bondage in commissions, but the "bound Betty" in this piece works for two reasons: (1) as the commissioner says, it reflects the pulps of the era, and (2) it's a winking acknowledgment of Betty Page's actual background (which Dave Stevens acknowledged throughout the series).

And the Buddy Commission Surgery Fun Drive continues! Information below:

$40 for an inked single-character piece on 8.5 x 11 (or 9 x 12...depending on what I have lying around). Additional figures, email me for a quote. Plan on $5 for Priority Mail shipping if you won't be picking up the piece at the show.

Order a 9x12 Commission NOW!

$80 for an inked single character piece on 11 x 17. Again, for additional figures, email me for a quote. And again, $5 for Priority Mail shipping if you won't be picking up the piece at the show.

Order a 11x17 Commission NOW!

(ink wash added at artist's discretion...let me know up front if it's something you really, really, really have your heart set on.)

I can bring the piece with me to Wizard World Chicago, if you plan on attending, or mail it to you.

More examples of my commissioned work can be found here.


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