Thursday, October 13, 2011

Commission: Athena Voltaire and Wolverine revisited

Today's commission is actually an inked version of a piece I did a few years back. I've uploaded the pencils for the sake of comparison.

I really enjoyed revisiting the piece. I spotted some things that I used to do in my pencils and really want to get back to. Additionally, I saw a few cringeworthy things that I was eager to fix.

I'm a much looser, confident inker these days and was thrilled to slap a juicier line on this than I would have four years ago.

Which one do you like better?!


Amy Kidd said...

I like the second, where Athena is looking up.
Good work.

-> Ray said...

The inked version is an improvement, especially Athena's eyes.

Steve Bryant said...

So far, between twitter and the blog, it's nearly unanimous for the inked version.

The problem with the penciled version (where she's looking up) is that her eyes are partially crossed. Before inking it, I tried a couple of times to re-pencil them, still looking up, but wasn't happy with the results.

Thanks for voicing your thoughts everyone (on the blog and on twitter)!