Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ursula Wilde

Here's the final color image from my new Ape Entertainment book, Ursula Wilde. Pencils and inks by me, colors by Jason Millet.

We want to make sure that the entire series is completed before soliciting the book, so it'll be a 2008 release. I'm joined by my Athena Voltaire collaborators Jason Millet (interior colors) and Chad Fidler (color covers). Jim Nelson, an old friend and amazing illustrator who's done a ton of RPG, CCG and children's book illustrations, will be inking the book. I'll write and pencil the series.

I'll be glad to talk more about the series this week at San Diego Comicon. I'll be splitting my time between the Ape Entertainment booth (Booth 2105) and the Lawdog Studio/Lawdog Comics (Small Press L12).


S.D.Hilton said...

Great looking stuff. I can't wait to hear more about it. Unfortunately no trip to San Diego for myself. Will you be attending Chicago, Motor City, or Mid-Ohio this year?

Steve Bryant said...

Thanks for the kind words, S.D! I'll be at the Ape Comics booth at Chicago Comicon—-oops, I mean Wizard World Chicago.

They bought the show over a decade ago and I still haven't adjusted to the name change!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


S.D.Hilton said...

So, how was San Diego? How did the fans react to Athean's latest adventure being cancelled, and how did they dig your latest work that you've show us here?

You may not be at liberty to say, but I was curious to learn more about the Athena cancellation. I believe I just finished the PREVIEWS order for my store, and the last one has Athena material in it...I thought it did anyway.

Also, do you ever do e-mail interviews? I'm putting together a short list of creators that have worked on pulp style projects in the last few years. Athena and Gun-Fu are both at the top of the list.


Christopher Mills said...

You know *I'm* there.