Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rocketeer and Betty pencils

This week's theme over at Comic Twart is The Rocketeer (yes, I'm the one responsible for the theme). My finished inks can be found here.

I initially wanted to do a scene with Betty lunging with the helmet and jetpack, with Peavy, Cliff and Butch the bulldog somewhere in the scene. Additionally, I wanted to do a second drawing, spotlighting Cliff in uniform, flying (and maybe montage elements from the two series in there, like Jonas, Marco, Ham & Monk, the flying wing, etc). However, it was waaaaay too ambitious to think I could do both images, so I added Cliff flying as a vignette in the Betty piece and the problem was solved.

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Mike Hawthorne said...

Christ man, I love those pencils! Looks great!