Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Athena Voltaire and the Wings of Death!

Wow. This year marks a decade since Athena Voltaire originally launched as a webcomic. So it's only fitting to celebrate that auspicious anniversary with a return to digital!

Athena Voltaire and the Wings of Death is an 8-page story for Four Star Studios' Double Feature app.

If you're not familiar with Double Feature (or the studio), it's the brainchild of Mike Norton, Tim Seeley, Sean Dove and Josh Emmons (the four stars of 4 Star Studios). Every month, they release a digital comic with two 8-page co-features for only 99¢. Genres range from Action, Horror, Science-Fiction and Fantasy. This month's release is Action, issue #3.

The iPad app allows you to do more than just read the comic. You can strip away the word balloons, the color, and the inks—allowing you to see each stage of the comic's production. Additionally, you get a cool director's commentary that gives insight into the process, the characters, and other stuff!

Not an iPad owner? No prob. The geniuses at 4 Star Studios release every issue of Double Feature in PDF format, too!

It's a great bargain and 100% creator-owned!

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