Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Commission: Marshall Law

This one isn't part of my current "Buy an 11x17 commission, get a free page" sale...I drew it a few days before. Marshall Law is a character I was familiar with, but hadn't read. The costuming presented a challenge to balance all of the details with some fun leather textures inked loosely with a brush. Overall, a very enjoyable piece to draw!

9x12, ink on bristol board.

And if you're curious about the sale I'm currently having, here's the skinny:

In an effort to start building up funds for convention table space, and tackle a chunk of Buddy's outstanding surgery costs , I'm having a commission sale.

Buy an $80 inked 11x17 single-figure commission, get a free page of original art (any of my pages that my art dealer, The Interior Pages,
priced at $40 or less). Add in $5 for shipping and you're set. 2 pieces of 11x17 inked original art for $85 total!

I'm currently planning to limit this to 10 customers.

Examples of my commissioned work can be found here.

Order your 11x17 Commission NOW! Be sure to mention which original art page you'd like to reserve!

For a full listing of the pieces available, click here and scroll down (link intensive!).

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